THE B-LINE GROUP are trusted advisors and licensed practitioners. Because of our legal and financial market expertise, we provide unparalleled strategies to individuals and organizations to maximize positive outcomes. We provide both short-term and long-term guidance to maximize your financial prosperity. 

Preparation and knowledge are tantamount to reaching our client's goals. We educate our clients first, and then provide cost-effective platforms to achieve their goals. All strategies are customized, based on our innovative decision framework, to fit the needs of each client.


THE B-LINE GROUP is the vision of Founder Terence Patterson. His goal was to provide professional services and honest representation to an array of clients. He firmly believes that we are all endowed with creative energy and wealth, and it is simply a question of how we chose to direct our resources. B-LINE provides that direction and works toward a straight line to value and wealth creation. Creativity is never compromised.

In 2004, THE B-LINE GROUP was created by a group of young professionals from Harvard, Northwestern and several elite institutions with backgrounds in economics, entertainment, finance, marketing, professional sports, and real estate. The organization is based in Chicago with reach to all corners of the globe. Our contacts, network, and resources span various industries and sectors across the globe.